D ‘Coiffure Hair Collection always wants to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best in quality Hair extensions. Over the years we have come across Hair extensions that did not meet our standards.  Clients would purchase inferior Hair from Hair sites or retail Hair stores, which sometimes had a bad odor, would shed more than normal, would not hold a curl or take to dye, and would complain a week after installation of their dissatisfaction with the Hair.  We realized we had to do something and we would not rest until we did.  We knew that every Woman wants to look her absolute best so we knew that our search for finding quality Hair for all women was imperative.


Our search for quality Hair extensions resulted in the birth of D ’Coiffure Hair Collection which consist of virgin Hair extensions, and our signature collection D’ Coiffure which is our raw collection.    (Please Note: Our D’ Coiffure raw collection is not available online and can only be purchased in our stores.) At D’ Coiffure Hair Collection, we believe that having beautiful Hair is a key component of what makes a woman feel beautiful and confident.  Another belief we hold is purchasing long lasting beautiful unprocessed human Hair should be easy and not break the bank. Our Virgin Unprocessed Hair extensions are natural, genuine, pure, and unaltered by chemicals.  When you place your order you will receive Hair that is healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

D’ Coiffure Hair Collection is definitely one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. D’ Coiffure Hair Collection has built its reputation in the Hair extensions industry by providing our Clients with the most luxurious and natural Hair extensions to create Hair styles as unique as each Client who purchases Hair from the D’ Coiffure Hair Collection. Our goal is to provide natural luxurious and beautiful Hair extensions that leave a lasting impression. By investing up front you save in the end!!  D’ Coiffure Hair Collection will continue to be synonymous with elegance and embody all that is naturally beautiful in all women!